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ZIP-Datei  18 Wheels of Steel - Across America Patch 1.10  Beliebt
Datei herunterladen

Beschreibung: Dieser Patch behebt aktuelle Probleme mit dem Spiel und erhöht die Spielversion auf 1.10.


If you purchased this game from Trymedia (downloaded version) - DO NOT INSTALL THIS PATCH!

If you own the Trymedia (downloaded) version and you try to install the patch, you will receive the following error message:



  1. Download and Save the file to your desktop or other favorite place.
  2. Double-click to unzip. You will need an unzip utility such as winzip.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. You can verify the patch is installed by checking to see if 1.10 appears in the lower right corner of the main 18 WOS AA screen.
  5. WoS Across America list of fixes - patch version 1.10


  • Fixed Logitech Momo wheel not being properly detected.
  • POV support for steering with gamepads.
  • Controller "deadzone" remembered correctly in the Options screen.
  • Increased the range for mouse sensitivity slider.
  • Mouse should be more responsive in Main Menu and Notebook with low framerate.


  • Fixed camera field of view to make revert in-cabin view where it was before beta 1.6.
  • Added traffic density option.
  • Added Show Room to main menu.
  • On High Detail, other AI drivers will user better quality wheel models with chrome on trucks and trailers.

In Game:

  • Improved game stability when handling PSM models.
  • Switching between OpenGL and DirectX in-game made more robust.
  • Improved font rendering for lower screen resolutions.
  • Extended a couple of explanations in tool tips on Notebook's Economy page.
  • Fixed display of incorrect gross incomes for hired drivers on Economy page.
  • Fixed buying a new truck possibly causing erroneous deformation of trucks (introduced in beta patch as a bad side effect of another fix).
  • Fixed Kinetic 1k1 truck showing glare from turn signals in mirrors.
  • Fixed fully repairing a truck at Service Stations sometimes not being properly reflected on the visual appearance of the truck model.
  • Truck dealers now remind the player that their stock will always be accessible in the Notebook after they are discovered.
  • Fixed one of the skyboxes not looking right.
  • Fixed missing cargos in some cities under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed AI truck drivers getting into accidents on their own sometimes causing prestige loss for the player by mistake even when he/she is not to blame.
  • Rain sound stops playing earlier when the rain is ceasing.
  • Darker exhaust smoke.
  • Fixed a bug with "cloned" drivers and trucks.
  • Turn signals state now showing in HUD display.
  • Game week number displayed in Competition page of Notebook.
  • Warning the player after calling 911 that not all damage was actually repaired, 911 can get you out of worst trouble, but full repair is only possible at Service Stations.
  • Improved truck light decal placing.
  • Fixed light switching off inside truck cabin after upgrading the truck.
  • Jukebox track resumes after unpause, notebook close, game menu close.
  • Truck windows made a bit more translucent.
  • Several trailer models which shared common texture for different loads were made to use different skins, all cargos now have different looking trailers.
  • Fixed wheels sometimes disappearing for trailers.
  • Increased speed for low-end trucks.
  • Fixed interior fuel/brake gauges mixed up in some trucks.
  • Fixed trailer shaking.
  • Improved downshifting with automatic transmission.
  • Improved weigh station handling.
  • Fixed a truck dealer becoming discovered on the map near Miami when it shouldn't.
  • Trucks page in Notebook: buttons help texts changed to better differentiate between replacing an existing truck or buying an additional one, also a better explanation in the warning box that no suitable driver is available when trying to buy a truck.
  • Fixed minor sound issue.


  • Some code tweaks attempting to improve game stability.
  • Daylight made to last a little longer, darkness at night is a little shorter.
  • Added support for scrolling list boxes by mouse wheel.
  • Faster loading of JPG format textures.
  • Shutdown code revised in the hope of improving stability.
  • Workaround for a glitch in Nvidia drivers.
  • Fixed DirectX renderer bug causing the screen to just go black.
  • Faster loading of PNG format textures.
  • Fixed anisotropic filtering not working in DirectX, should allow for crisper display of roads.
  • Improved some of the formulations in the help text.
  • Fixed chrome not displaying properly on rotating wheels in DirectX.
  • Showing more detailed wheels with chrome on them even on medium detail settings, people complaining about slow framerate on high detail should switch to medium, they won't lose their chrome on wheels.
  • Weather behavior improvements.
  • Slight rebalance of the economics in the game.
  • Fixed very rare crashing bug.
  • Main Menu camera now offers better view of the trucks.
  • Improved tanker trailers to work better with chrome shine.
  • Small "1.10" for version number displayed in lower right corner of the Main Menu screen.
  • SCS Software and ValuSoft clickable icons in Main Menu for access to company websites, should remind people to check for news on game updates from time to time!
  • Camera in Main Menu tweaked to offer better view of the truck.
  • Improved steering on low-end computers.
  • Graphics Options screen reworked, there are now Low, Medium and High buttons there to globally affect all detail settings, each setting can then be tweaked individually.
  • Nvidia TNT graphics driver glitch workaround: chrome should now work in both OpenGL and DirectX, may need to use "Set HW Defaults" button in the quick graphics setup window when launching the game to re-detect graphics capabilities.
  • Graphics Setup command from Windows Start menu -> 18 WoS AA will properly launch the utility now if the user previously selected "Do not show this dialog next time", was not working as intended before.
  • The "!desc.def" file for truck and trailer skins now recognizes keyword "author", so that skin names can come complete with the signature of their creator displaying in Show Room.


  • Repair area/symbol at highway gas stations moved to be aligned with the diesel area/symbol to make the access to it easier.
  • Fixed a missing "collision detection" triangle in intersection 395/95/80.
  • A few touches to numbering of roads in the map.
  • Map editor made more foolproof, should crash less when the map designer makes mistakes when connecting roads.
  • Road Map in Notebook now has option to display Weigh Stations.
  • More signs added into the map to warn about Weigh Station nearby.
  • Speed limit signs added in some places.
  • Fixed graphics corruption on the Truck Dealer marker symbol.
  • Moved the marker for Repair a bit towards the road on both-sides highway fuel station.
  • Many small tweaks to get rid of small visual glitches in the map.


  • Storing windshield wipers state in saved game.
  • Fixed Special Cargo state not saving properly in save games, could have caused their temporary disappearance in a given week of the game.
  • Skyboxes could be incorrectly set up after loading the game from save file.
  • The new version will open the old saves fine, however save game files created with the patched game are not going to work with the original version of the game!
  • The game now stores the state of mirrors in the save game file.


  • Cheats working again, slightly different though: cheat {money, dealers, drivers
Version: 1.10
Dateigrösse: 8,09 MB
Downloads: 3633
Autor: WorldRacer
Hinzugefügt am: 06-Okt-2009

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